Table-top Russian Billiards table


I have recently resumed, after decades of the table being propped against a wall, using a very old table-top Russian Billiards table. It was always referred to as a 'Russian Billiards' table rather than a 'Bar Billiards' table.

I don't know exactly how old it is, as there is no date or maker's mark on it that I can see; I remember playing on it in the 60s when the family lived in Leicester so it is at least 50-something years old!

I have looked online but have not come across anything remotely similar apart from in a thread on the British Bar Billiards forum ( which mentions, rather disparagingly, sightings on ebay and Youtube of various-sized table-top tables in 2007 and 2011.

The Table

The baize area of the table is 4ft x 2 ft, it has the full complement of 9 holes (10, 20x2, 30x2, 50x2, 100, 200), arranged in the usual positions. The score values of the holes are marked in gold on the top of the wood surround, and on the top edge of back of the chute tray.

The table is not in pristine condition but it is good enough for our current level of skill, and we enjoy playing. The baize is slightly 'moth-eaten' in places, but not enough to spoil the play. The rubber in the cushions has gone hard over time, and there is no give.

The leather(?) covering at the baulk end is triangular rather than rectangular.

If there was a D marked on the baize at the start position, it must have faded. Ditto the baulk line.

The Mushrooms

There are 3 red mushrooms, which are usually placed in front of the 50 and 200 holes, although faint chalk crosses on the baize near the 100 hole suggest that mushrooms may have been placed on either side of that hole at times.

Full view from top end of the table:

Full view, from top end

The cue is a recently-purchased 42 inch Peradon Merit; the old cues we had were either not quite straight or had no tip.

Full view from baulk end of the table:

Full view, from baulk end

Top end of the table:

Top end

NB The 10 and 200 holes do not currently have rings - see text above for the explanation.

Baulk end of the table:

Baulk end, w ball sets

With the old (once white but now yellow, with one missing) and new (white) ball sets. NB The lack of a D, and a baulk line.



The Rings

The pockets have painted wooden rings, which are of different colours: white (10, 20, 30), yellow (50), black (100) and red (200). The glue on the rings has solidified over the years and they have become loose; I have re-glued most of the ones we have. One of the white rings broke into pieces and has been taped back together, but the hole is now slightly too small for the ball to pass through freely so we have to play without it. The red ring is completely missing.

The Quest

I have been looking to find replacement rings for the re-assembled white and missing red but without success. I have found many sites online selling a set of red plastic(?) rings made by Perador but I don't think they will fit my table, as they are described as "Inner diameter of 55mm - Outer diameter of 66mm"; the rings I have have an outer diameter of c 47.5 mm at the top, and an inner diameter of less than 1.5 inches (the size of the balls).

Would it be possible to 3D print some replacement rings at a reasonable price? In the correct colours? If the price was right, I would probably want to obtain a full set for spares.

If you would like more information about the table, or have any information about it, then please mail Michael J. Cross.

Ball and repaired ring from top, with measure:

Ball, and repaired ring

Ball and repaired ring from base, with measure:

Ball, and repaired ring