March/April 2006

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Editor(s):  Tom Hunter and Claire Weaver and Martin McGrath
Price:      2.25
Pages:      32, A4

Notes:      #178

    Words of Wisdom                     Octavia E. Butler
    Two million words and counting      Keith Brooke
    Lost                                Claire Weaver
    Found                               Tom Hunter

    World of Science                    Roderick Gladwish
    Foundation Favourites, Number 19: 
          Amazing futures               Andy Sawyer
    News                                Claire Weaver and
                                        Martin McGrath and
                                        Tom Weaver
    Resonances: Pilots of our future    Stephen Baxter
    Everybody is kung fu fighting! (John
          Meaney)                       Martin Sketchley
    Fandom: Remembering a "right guy" 
          (Ken Bulmer)                  Mark Plummer
    Flicker (Film/TV News)              Martin McGrath
    Seduction of the Innocent: Comic 
          Reviews                       James Bacon
    Rage Against... Hades Wholesalers   Liz Williams

Film & Media Reviews
    Broken mirror (Mirrormask)          Martin McGrath
    Not evil, just bad (Evil Aliens)    Martin McGrath
    In America, only the president is 
          scary (The Fog, Final 
          Destination 3, Hostel)        Martin McGrath
    Darwin was wrong (Underworld 
          Evolution)                    Martin McGrath
    Underground movement (The Descent)  Martin McGrath
    Ultimately futile (Ultimate 
          Avengers)                     Martin McGrath
    Ring's furry tales (The Sword of 
          Xanten)                       Mike Brain
    Televison invasion (Dr Who, Life on 
          Mars, Hyperdrive, Johnny and 
          the Bomb, Eleventh Hour       Charles Christian

    Freaks going global                 Robert Curley
        by James Bacon

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