September/October 2006

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Editor(s):  Tom Hunter and Claire Weaver
Price:      2.25
Pages:      32, A4

Notes:      #181

    Make Your Escape                    Steve Eley

    Flicker (Film/TV News)              Claire Weaver and
                                        Tom Weaver
    News                                Claire Weaver and
                                        Tom Weaver
    Resonances: The Wars of the World   Stephen Baxter
    Seduction of the Innocent (Loveless,
          The Fiends of the Eastern 
          Front Rebellion, Marvel 
          Zombies)                      James Bacon
    World of Science                    Roderick Gladwish
    Foundation Favourites, Number 22: 
          Life in the Twenty-First 
          Century, Edited by M. 
          Vassiliev & S. Gouschev       Andy Sawyer

    Chaos or Submission                 Josh Conviser
        by Tom Hunter

    When the Big Apple Bites It         Lon S. Cohen
    Dark Skies (Dan Holdsworth's At the 
          Edge of Space Exhibition)     Robert Graham

Film & Media Reviews
    Suffer the Children (Children of 
          Men)                          Martin McGrath
    Music of Change (Allegro)           Claire Weaver
    Footage Fetish Forum (The Atrocity 
          Exhibition)                   Richard Matthews
    49,550 and counting (Battlestar 
          Galactica S2)                 Martin McGrath
    Bloody Brits (Severance)            Martin McGrath
    Snakes! On a Plane! (Snakes on a 
          Plane)                        John Hunter
    From Bad to Worse (The Wicker Man)  Martin McGrath
    Conspiracies R Us (The Lone Gunmen) Tom Hunter
    Smoulder & Skully (Bones)           Claire Weaver
    Come to Daddy (Chris Cunningham's 
          Come To Daddy; Rubber Johnny; 
          Come On My Selector)          Simon Gilmartin
    Dinos, Aliens, Ghosts... 
          (Prehistoric Park, A Town 
          Called Eureka, Dark Skies, 
          Invasion Iowa, Haunted)       Charles Christian

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