May 1976

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Editor(s):  Tom A. Jones
Pages:      24, A4
Cover:      Jon Langford
Notes:      #6, as BSFA Newsletter

    Misen - An Editorial (?)            Tom A. Jones

    Mechanisation                       I. O. Evans

    The Thing from Inner Space          David Langford

    News, Views & Rumours               Newshounds of the BSFA
    New Members                         uncredited
    Media Notes: Surviving              Graham Poole
    A Newcomer Looks at Fanzines (Maya 
          #10; Drilkjis #1; K #2)       Ian Garbutt
    The Library Report                  Colin Lester
    The Tape Library Report             Gerald Bishop
    Membership Secretary's Report       uncredited
    Publication and Distribution 
          Officer's Report              Chris Fowler
    Science Fiction Books Published in 
          Britain During March-April, 
          1976                          Gerald Bishop

    Media Notes                         Tom A. Jones
    Fallible Freeman on Fanzines        Keith Freeman

                                        John Welsh
                                        Dorien Rogers
                                        Gordon Johnson
                                        Ray Harrison
                                        John Brunner
                                        Ian Williams
                                        Malcolm Edwards
                                        Vernon Speed
                                        Tony Dent
                                        David Lewis
                                        Merf Adams

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