February 1977

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Editor(s):  Tom A. Jones
Pages:      32, A4
Cover:      David Lewis
Notes:      #10

    Misen                               Tom A. Jones

    Publishers' Questionnaire Responses Andrew Muir
    The Final Lie That Burns It Whole: 
          The Work of Ruben de Botana 
          (1871-1923)                   David Wingrove
    Oh Joy, Oh Blitz, Yer Tiz: The 
          Peterborough SF Club          Chris Wakelin
    Writing Tips                        Gordon Johnson
    Record Review: Steve Hillage - L    Stuart Riddle
    A Choice of Gutters                 Gordon Johnson
    S.F. as Reference: An Experiment in 
          Social Shaping                David Wingrove
    In the Depths: Fanzines Under the 
          Microscope: Nebula            Raj Rattan
    Into Infinity: A Review             Andy Sawyer
    Illuminatus! (Ken Campbell & Chris 
          Langam's 5-play cycle) A 
          Review                        Andy Sawyer
    News                                Newshounds of the BSFA
    BSFA News                           uncredited

    Fallible Freeman Freaking Out on 
          Fanzines                      Keith Freeman

    Starship Trooper                    David Cobbledick

                                        Brian R. Tawn
                                        Mike Healy
                                        David Wingrove
                                        Michael A. Hamilton
                                        Alex Hill
                                        Sandy Brown
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Roger Waddington
                                        Cyril Simsa
                                        Andrew Muir
                                        Mike Roberts
                                        John Welsh
                                        Michael A. Hamilton
                                        Alison Lowe
                                        David Watkins
                                        Simon R. Green
                                        Chris Morgan
                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne

                                        David Lewis
                                        David Hagon

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