June/July 1990

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Editor(s):  Jenny Glover
Price:      95p
Pages:      24
Cover:      Rob Welham
Notes:      #88

    Determinants                        Jenny Glover

    Walking on Glass: The BSFA Column   Maureen Porter
    News                                Paul Kincaid
    The Periodic Table                  Jim Mowatt
    Contour Mappings                    uncredited
    Fire & Hemlock: The Fanzine Column  Nic Farey and
                                        Jenny Glover
    Competition Corner (M87 answers, M88
          competition)                  Roger Robinson
    Cry "Fanac...": Pieces of Eight - 
          The Friendly APA              Ian Bambro
    Media File                          John Peters
    Video Reviews                       uncredited
    Local Fanomena: Clubs Column        Keith Mitchell
    Information Service Update          Phil Nichols

    BSFA Financial Statement - Annual 
          Accounts                      Brett Cockrell
    EastCon '90 Guest of Honour Speech  Iain Banks
    Soapbox: Two Finger Exercise, or, 
          Cathedrals of the 20th 
          Century                       Roy Gray

Film & Media Reviews
    Inertia Real (Theatre)              Gary M. Gibson
    Strip Search (Comics Exhibition)    John Peters
    The Hunt for Red October            John Peters
    2001                                Martin Thomas
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure  Jessica Yates
    Quantum Leap (TV)                   Chris Bailey
    Total Recall                        Tommy Ferguson

    James Reynolds                      Arthur C. Clarke
    subjectivity                        Roger Waddington
    Abyss;John Peters                   Sherry Coldsmith
    Chris Priest;Zelazny                Chris Bailey
    Bailey's list;ones to avoid         John Welsh
    M87 Federation ad                   Kenneth R. Lake
    J. J. Connington                    David Langford
    J. J. Connington                    Les Hurst
    lifts in SF                         David Haggle

                                        Matthew Freestone
                                        Ian Brooks
                                        Richard McLaren
                                        Ian Gunn
                                        Steve Jeffrey

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