Paperback Parlour

August 1979

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Pages:      10, A4

Notes:      No 15, Volume 3, No. 1 (again), 15th issue

    E is for Editorial                  Joseph Nicholas

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    Tiger! Tiger!                       Alfred Bester
    The Warriors of Day                 James Blish
    The Multiple,Man                    Ben Bova
    Colony                              Ben Bova
    The Unexpected Dimension            Algis Budrys
    Michaelmas                          Algis Budrys
    Who?                                Algis Budrys
    Necromancer                         Gordon R. Dickson
    Pro                                 Gordon R. Dickson
    Alien                               Alan Dean Foster
    Orphan Star                         Alan Dean Foster
    Cold War in a Country Garden        Lindsay Gutteridge
    Killer Pine                         Lindsay Gutteridge
    Fratricide is a Gas                 Lindsay Gutteridge
    Mutant                              Henry Kuttner
    Swords and Deviltry                 Fritz Leiber
    Swords Against Death                Fritz Leiber
    Swords in the Mist                  Fritz Leiber
    Swords Against Wizardry             Fritz Leiber
    Xanthe and the Robots               Sheila MacLeod
    The Status Civilisation             Robert Sheckley
    Collision Course                    Robert Silverberg
    A.K.A.: A Cosmic Fable              Rob Swigart
    Titan                               John Varley

Book Reviews by Ian Maule
    War-Gamer's World                   Hugh Walker

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
    The Planet Savers                   Marion Zimmer Bradley
    The World Wreckers                  Marion Zimmer Bradley

Book Reviews by David Langford
    Stardance                           Spider Robinson and
                                        Jeanne Robinson

Book Reviews by Keith Plunkett
    Trullion: Alastor 2262              Jack Vance

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