Andrew A. Adams

Book Reviews

  The Assassin's Edge  - Juliet E. McKenna
     Vector, Jan 2003
  Catspaw  - Joan D. Vinge
     Vector, May 2003
  Conqueror's Moon  - Julian May
     Vector, Jan 2005
  Dragonmaster Book 1: Storm of Wings  - Chris Bunch
     Vector, Jul 2002
  Fevre Dream  - George R. R. Martin
     Vector, Mar 2001
  The Folk of the Fringe  - Orson Scott Card
     Vector, Jan 2002
  The Gambler's Fortune  - Juliet E. McKenna
     Vector, Jan 2001
  The High Lord  - Trudi Canavan
     Vector, Mar 2005
  Ironcrown Moon  - Julian May
     Vector, Jan 2005
  The Magicians' Guild  - Trudi Canavan
     Vector, May 2004
  Medalon  - Jennifer Fallon
     Vector, Jul 2004
  The Moon's Shadow  - Catherine Asaro
     Vector, Jul 2003
  Mother of Kings  - Poul Anderson
     Vector, Nov 2001
  Night Train to Rigel  - Timothy Zahn
     Vector, Mar 2006
  Northern Storm  - Juliet E. McKenna
     Vector, Jan 2005
  The Novice  - Trudi Canavan
     Vector, Sep 2004
  Prelude to Dune: House Corrino  - Brian HerbertKevin J. Anderson
     Vector, Mar 2002
  Ringworld's Children  - Larry Niven
     Vector, Sep 2004
  The Runes of the Earth  - Stephen Donaldson
     Vector, Jul 2005
  The Sky Road  - Ken MacLeod
     Vector, Nov 1999
  Southern Fire  - Juliet E. McKenna
     Vector, Mar 2004
  The Warrior's Bond  - Juliet E. McKenna
     Vector, Jan 2002
  Western Shore  - Juliet E. McKenna
     Vector, Nov 2005
  Wit'ch Fire  - James Clemens
     Vector, Sep 2002

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