James Bacon


  The Best Books of 2006 
     Vector, Mar 2007
  The Best Books of 2007 
     Vector, Spr 2008
  Gentlemen of Manners: an evening with Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair & Michael Moorcock 
     Matrix, Nov 2007
  WorldConosaurus Rex 
     Matrix, Nov 2004


  Seduction of the Innocent (Alice in Sunderland) 
     Matrix, Nov 2007
  Seduction of the Innocent (Civil War; War Fix; Light Brigade) 
     Matrix, Jul 2007
  Seduction of the Innocent (Daredevil Hardcover Omnibus; Battler Briton) 
     Matrix, Mar 2007
  Seduction of the Innocent (Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy; Albion; Civil War) 
     Matrix, Nov 2006
  Seduction of the Innocent (Loveless, The Fiends of the Eastern Front Rebellion, Marvel Zombies) 
     Matrix, Sep 2006
  Seduction of the Innocent (The Boys, Strontium Dog, The Spirit) 
     Matrix, Jan 2007
  Seduction of the Innocent: Comic Reviews 
     Matrix, Jan 2006
     Matrix, May 2006
     Matrix, Mar 2006
     Matrix, Jul 2006


  Celebrating 30 Years of Luther Arkwright  - Bryan Talbot
     Vector, Spr 2009
  Freaks going global  - Robert Curley
     Matrix, Mar 2006
  Skin Deep Fiction  - Anton Marks
     Vector, Jan 2007


     Vector, Aut 2008

Book Reviews

  Buddha: Kapilavastu (Volume 1)  - Osamu Tezuka
     Vector, Sep 2006
  Buddha: The Four Encounters (Volume 2)  - Osamu Tezuka
     Vector, Sep 2006
  Da Da De Da Da Code  - Robert Rankin
     Vector, Spr 2008
  Farthing  - Jo Walton
     Vector, Sum 2008
  Judge Dredd: America  - John WagnerColin McNeil
     Vector, Aut 2008
  The Quantum Prophecy  - Michael Carroll
     Vector, Mar 2006
  Retromancer  - Robert Rankin
     Vector, Aut 2010
  Space Captain Smith  - Toby Frost
     Vector, Aut 2008
  Temeraire: Throne of Jade  - Naomi Novik
     Vector, Mar 2007
  Watching the Watchmen  - Dave GibbonsChip KiddMike Essel
     Vector, Spr 2009
  Y Square One  - Judith Park
     Vector, Aut 2008
  Zombie-Loan 1  -  Peach-Pit
     Vector, Aut 2008

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