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  Books of the Year 
     Vector, Mar 1999
  Books of the Year - 1999 
     Vector, Mar 2000
  Books of the Year - 2001 
     Vector, Mar 2002
  Books of the Year - 2002 
     Vector, Mar 2003
  Crystal Balls 2005  with Paul Billinger 
     Matrix, Jan 2005
  Old World and the New: Visions of a Better Future at the End of the World in the Novels of Octavia Butler and Severna Pa 
     Vector, Sep 2001
  Telling The Tale: Ryman, Fiction, Cambodia 
     Vector, Jan 1999


  BSFA News 
     Matrix, May 2002
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  Replies to Barbara Davies 
     Matrix, Jan 2002

Book Reviews

  The Annunciate  - Severna Park
     Vector, Mar 2000
  Black Unicorn  - Tanith Lee
     Vector, May 2003
  Cerulean Sins  - Laurell K. Hamilton
     Vector, Jul 2003
  Exodus  - Julie Bertagna
     Vector, May 2003
  The Fear of God  - B. A. Chepaitis
     Vector, Sep 2002
  The Fear Principle  - B. A. Chepaitis
     Vector, Sep 2002
  The H-Bomb Girl  - Stephen Baxter
     Vector, Nov 2007
  Learning Fear  - B. A. Chepaitis
     Vector, Sep 2002
  The Mistress of the Spices  - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
     Vector, Nov 1997
  The Stone and the Maiden  - Dennis Jones
     Vector, Jan 2000
  The Stone War  - Madeleine E. Robins
     Vector, Nov 1999
  Warriors: Into the Wild  - Erin Hunter
     Vector, Jul 2003
  The Weavers of Saramyr  - Chris Wooding
     Vector, May 2003

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