N. M. Browne


  Confessions of a Science Fiction Addict 
     Vector, Sep 2001

Book Reviews

  Atlantis Endgame  - Andre NortonSherwood Smith
     Vector, Mar 2003
  Dark Thane (Book 2 of the Last Clansman)  - Miller Lau
     Vector, Nov 2002
  The Dreaming Jewels  - Theodore Sturgeon
     Vector, Mar 2001
  Harpy's Flight  - Megan Lindholm
     Vector, May 2002
  Knight's Dawn: Book 1 of The Red Pavilions  - Kim Hunter
     Vector, May 2001
  The Scent of Magic  - Cliff McNish
     Vector, Jan 2002
  The Song of the Earth  - Caiseal Mor
     Vector, Nov 2000
  The Stochastic Man  - Robert Silverberg
     Vector, Nov 2001
  The Witches of Karres  - James H. Schmitz
     Vector, May 2001

Books Reviewed

     Vector, Sep 2004 by Elizabeth A. Billinger
     Vector, May 2002 by Lynne Bispham
  Warriors of Alavna 
     Vector, Nov 2000 by Cherith Baldry

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