Cy Chauvin


  Aspects of Ursula K. Le Guin 
     Vector, Apr 1980
  British SF: An American View 
     Vector, May 1977
  Can We Gain New Awareness By Denying Our Senses? 
     Vector, Jun 1981
  Cliche - The Freedom of Science Fiction 
     Vector, Apr 1983
  Don't Forget I'm an Artifice 
     Vector, Sep 1978
  Doris Lessing Briefing 
     Vector, Nov 1976


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Book Reviews

  The Day the Sun Stood Still (Edited)  - Robert Silverberg
     Vector, Jul 1973
  Earth Abides  - George R. Stewart
     Vector Review Supplement, Feb 1977
  Five Fates (Edited)  - Keith Laumer
     Vector, Nov 1972
  Interfaces (Edited)  - Ursula K. Le GuinVirginia Kidd
     Vector, Apr 1981
  Orbit 11 (Edited)  - Damon Knight
     Vector, Sum 1975
  SF Commentary Reprint Edition: First Year 1969 (Edited)  - Bruce Gillespie
     Vector, Dec 1983
  Transmutations: A Book of Personal Alchemy  - Alexei Panshin
     Vector, Aug 1983
  When Harlie Was One  - David Gerrold
     Vector, Spr 1974
  Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang  - Kate Wilhelm
     Vector, Aug 1976

Books Reviewed

  A Multitude of Visions (Edited) 
     Vector, Aug 1976 by Brian Stableford

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