Lon S. Cohen


  Humans in Disguise 
     Matrix, Jul 2007
  Makes No Difference Who You Are 
     Matrix, Nov 2006
  When the Big Apple Bites It 
     Matrix, Sep 2006
  Who Wants To be An Early Adopter Anyway? 
     Matrix, Mar 2007


  Rage Against... fan-made movies 
     Matrix, Jul 2006

Film Reviews

  Aronofsky's last requiem? (The Fountain) 
     Matrix, Nov 2006
  Flaming Skulldullery (Ghost Rider) 
     Matrix, Mar 2007
  Seconds Out for Sommers (Bionic Woman) 
     Matrix, Jul 2007
  Spidey Strikes Out (Spiderman 3) 
     Matrix, Mar 2007


  In Appreciation of Science Fiction Gold  - Lou Anders
     Matrix, Nov 2007

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