Mike Dickinson


  Romance and Hardening Arteries: A Reappraisal of the SF of Jack Vance 
     Vector, Oct 1979
  Three Aspects of Fantasy 
     Vector, Dec 1979
  Why They're All Crying Wolfe! 
     Vector, Feb 1984


    with Joseph Nicholas  & Alan Dorey 
     Vector, Dec 1979
     Vector, Oct 1979
     Vector, Apr 1980


  A Little More Off the Top 
     Vector, Apr 1980
     Vector, Oct 1979
     Vector, Dec 1979


  Life on the Dole 
     Matrix, Apr 1981 by Graham James


     Vector, Jan 1978

Book Reviews

  Andromeda 3 (Edited)  - Peter Weston
     Vector, Oct 1979
  Big Planet  - Jack Vance
     Vector, May 1977
  Blind Voices  - Tom Reamy
     Vector, Oct 1979
  The Blue Hawk  - Peter Dickinson
     Vector, Jan 1978
  The Brave Little Toaster  - Thomas M. Disch
     Vector, Apr 1987
  The Bridge  - Iain Banks
     Vector, Oct 1986
  Burning Chrome  - William Gibson
     Vector, Dec 1986
  Count Zero  - William Gibson
     Vector, Aug 1986
  Engine Summer  - John Crowley
     Vector, Jun 1981
  Footfall  - Larry NivenJerry Pournelle
     Vector, Feb 1986
  The Grain Kings  - Keith Roberts
     Vector, Nov 1977
  Healer  - F. Paul Wilson
     Vector, Sep 1977
  Imperial Earth  - Arthur C. Clarke
     Vector Review Supplement, Jun 1977
  The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph  - Jack Vance
     Vector, Mar 1978
  Nature's End  - Whitley StrieberJames Kunetka
     Vector, Feb 1987
  The Power of Time  - Josephine Saxton
     Vector, Oct 1985
  The Prisoner: A Day in the Life  - Hank Stine
     Vector, Oct 1979
  Showboat World  - Jack Vance
     Vector, May 1977
  Two Dozen Dragon's Eggs  - Donald A. Wollheim
     Vector, Sep 1977
  The Warrior Who Carried Life  - Geoff Ryman
     Vector, Aug 1985
  The Witling  - Vernor Vinge
     Vector, Nov 1976

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