Michael Fearn


  Best of 1988: Reviewers' Choice 
     Vector, Feb 1989
  Books of the Year: 1987 
     Vector, Apr 1988
  Books of the Year: 1989 
     Vector, Apr 1990


     Vector, Oct 1986

Book Reviews

  Buffalo Gals  - Ursula K. Le Guin
     Vector, Oct 1990
  The Fire Worm  - Ian Watson
     Vector, Dec 1988
  Fireball  - Paul Davies
     Vector, Apr 1988
  Freedom Beach  - James Patrick KellyJohn Kessel
     Vector, Feb 1988
  Gypsies  - Robert Charles Wilson
     Vector, Oct 1990
  The Mammoth Book of Short Horror Novels (Edited)  - Mike Ashley
     Vector, Feb 1989
  Orion in the Dying Time  - Ben Bova
     Vector, Aug 1991
  The Power  - Ian Watson
     Vector, Dec 1987
  Starfire  - Paul Preuss
     Vector, Apr 1989
  To the Land of the Living  - Robert Silverberg
     Vector, Aug 1989
  Vacuum Flowers  - Michael Swanwick
     Vector, Jun 1988
  Whores of Babylon  - Ian Watson
     Vector, Dec 1988
  Zenith (Edited)  - David S. Garnett
     Vector, Dec 1989

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