Keith Freeman


  1- 150 
     Vector, Jun 1989
  Bolied Pertinence: Contension 
     Vector, Aut 1969
  BSFA Magazine Chain 
     Matrix, Nov 1975
  Communication and Organization 
     Vector, Jul 1971
  Convention Report  with Eric Jones  & Frank Herbert 
     Vector, Spr 1959
  A Message from our Last (Practically) Past Vice-Chairman 
     Matrix, Aug 1975
  Spuds to Microchips (Word Processors) 
     Focus, Aug 1985
  Treasurer's Report 
     Matrix, Dec 1975
     Matrix, Feb 1976
     Matrix, Nov 1975


  Fallible Freeman Freaking Out on Fanzines 
     Matrix, Feb 1977
  Fallible Freeman Freaking Out on Favourite Fanzines 
     Matrix, Apr 1977
  Fallible Freeman on Fanzines 
     Matrix, Feb 1978
     Matrix, Aug 1977
     Matrix, Jun 1977
     Matrix, Feb 1976
     Matrix, May 1976
     Matrix, Dec 1975
     Matrix, Mar 1976
     Matrix, Dec 1976
     Matrix, Oct 1976
     Matrix, Aug 1976
     Matrix, Dec 1977
  Fallible Freeman.....Fiendish or Friendly? 
     Matrix, Oct 1977
  Freeman on Fanzines 
     Vector, Aut 1975


    with Dave Lewis  & Tom Jones  & Chris Fowler 
     BSFA Yearbook, B77 1977


     Matrix, Jun 1977 by Tom A. Jones


     Vector, Feb 1976
     Vector, Jan 1967
     Matrix, Jun 1981
     Matrix, Feb 1980
     Matrix, Dec 1979
     Matrix, Oct 1979
     Focus, May 2006
     Matrix, Apr 1977
     Matrix, Dec 1977
     Matrix, Feb 1978
     Matrix, Feb 1979
     Matrix, Apr 1979
     Matrix, Jun 1979
     Matrix, Aug 1979

Book Reviews

  The Annals of the Heechee  - Frederik Pohl
     Vector, Apr 1988
  Another Round at the Spaceport Bar (Edited)  - George H. ScithersDarrell Schweitzer
     Vector, Apr 1992
  The Ascension Factor  - Frank HerbertBill Ransom
     Vector, Apr 1989
  The Barsoom Project  - Larry NivenSteven Barnes
     Vector, Oct 1990
  Buzzbugs  - Bruce Carter
     Vector Review Supplement, Jun 1977
  Contact  - Carl Sagan
     Vector, Oct 1986
  Demon in the Skull  - Frederik Pohl
     Vector, Oct 1985
  Encyclopaedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, 2nd Edition (Edited)  - Leslie A. Shepard
     Vector, Apr 1986
  England 1940: Invasion  - Derek Slade
     Vector, Apr 1991
  Forward the Foundation  - Isaac Asimov
     Vector, Apr 1993
  Future War Novels  - John NewmanMichael Unsworth
     Vector, Jun 1985
  Keepers of the Peace  - Keith Brooke
     Vector, Apr 1991
  The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction Short Novels of the 1940s (Edited)  - Isaac AsimovMartin H. GreenbergCharles G. Waugh
     Vector, Dec 1989
  The Moon is a Harsh Mistress  - Robert A. Heinlein
     Vector, Aug 1989
  Omega  - Raymond Leonard
     Vector, Feb 1987
  The Proteus Operation  - James P. Hogan
     Vector, Apr 1987
  Puzzles from Other Worlds  - Martin Gardner
     Vector, Jun 1986
  Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index, 1980-1984  - Hal W. Hall
     Vector, Jun 1986
  The Science Fiction of Mark Twain  - David KettererMark Twain
     Vector, Aug 1985
  Star of Gypsies  - Robert Silverberg
     Vector, Aug 1987
  Starhammer  - Christopher Rowley
     Vector, Oct 1987
  Tales from Planet Earth  - Arthur C. Clarke
     Vector, Apr 1990
  Tuf Voyaging  with keith Freeman  - George R. R. Martin
     Vector, Feb 1988
  Voyagers III: Star Brothers  - Ben Bova
     Vector, Feb 1991
  War of the Sky Lords  - John Brosnan
     Vector, Apr 1990
  Witches Abroad  - Terry Pratchett
     Vector, Feb 1992

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