David S. Garnett


  Ms Prep 
     Focus, Aug 1990


     Vector, Dec 1991

Books Reviewed

  Cosmic Carousel 
     Vector, Mar 1976 by Chris Morgan
  New Worlds 1 (Edited) 
     Vector, Oct 1991 by Christopher Amies
  New Worlds 2 (Edited) 
     Vector, Oct 1992 by Michael J. Pont
  The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook Two (Edited) 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1990 by Edward James
     Vector, Jun 1990 by Maureen Porter
  The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook (Edited) 
     Vector, Apr 1991 by Ken Lake
  The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook: I (Edited) 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1989 by K. V. Bailey
  The Orbit Science Fiction Yerabook (Edited) 
     Vector, Feb 1989 by Maureen Porter
  The Orbit SF Yearbook 3 (Edited) 
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1990 by Brendan Wignall
  Zenith (Edited) 
     Vector, Dec 1989 by Michael Fearn
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1989 by L. J. Hurst
  Zenith 2 (Edited) 
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1990 by Ian Sales
     Vector, Apr 1991 by Valerie Housden

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