Roy Gray


  At least you know when you're deranged, demented, certifiable, neurotic, crazy, mad, crackers, bonkers, batty, nutty ... 
     Focus, Aug 1995
  Bookspotting: Fred Hoyle - Lifecloud 
     Vector, Sep 2001
  Soapbox: Two Finger Exercise, or, Cathedrals of the 20th Century 
     Matrix, Jun 1990

Film Reviews

     Matrix, Dec 1986
  Bernt Arse Pack at the Royl Xchayngis,The (theatre) 
     Matrix, Apr 1986
  Dan Dire: Pilot of the Future 
     Matrix, Apr 1988
  Flight of the Navigator 
     Matrix, Jun 1987
  Hobbit,The (theatre) 
     Matrix, Jun 1987
  Starlight Express (theatre) 
     Matrix, Dec 1986
  Time (Theatre) 
     Matrix, Feb 1987
  Timeslip (TV) 
     Matrix, Apr 1986


     Vector, Dec 1984
     Focus, Sep 1996
     Vector, Nov 1999
     Focus, Sep 1996
     Vector, Sep 2001
     Matrix, Aug 1977
     Matrix, Oct 1977
     Matrix, Feb 1980
     Matrix, Jun 1980
     Matrix, Sum 1983
     Matrix, Dec 1984
     Matrix, Oct 1986
     Matrix, Aug 1976
     Vector, Nov 2002
  Shadrach in the Furnace 
     Vector, Mar 1977
  Wookie books;O'Mahony 
     Vector, Nov 1998

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