Jon Courtenay Grimwood


  Books of the Year: 2004 
     Vector, Mar 2005
  The new weird... or is it? 
     Matrix, Sep 2004
  Words of Wisdom 
     Matrix, Jul 2006


  Rage Against... everything! 
     Matrix, Sep 2005


  Foxes' tales 
     Matrix, Jul 2004 by Claire Weaver


     Vector, Jul 1997
     Vector, Sep 1998

Books Reviewed

  9tail Fox 
     Vector, Nov 2005 by Paul N. Billinger
     Vector, Jul 2002 by Steve Jeffery
  End of the World Blues 
     Vector, Jul 2007 by Clare Brialey
     Vector, Jul 2003 by Claire Brialey
  Lucifer's Dragon 
     Vector, May 1998 by Chris Hill
  Lucifer's Dream 
     Vector, Jul 2004 by Paul N. Billinger
     Vector, May 1997 by Mark Plummer
     Vector, Jul 2002 by Steve Jeffery
     Vector, Jul 2000 by Farah Mendlesohn
     Vector, Jul 1999 by Gary S. Dalkin
  Stamping Butterflies 
     Vector, Nov 2004 by Paul N. Billinger

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