Joe Haldeman


  Vietnam Veteran - Universal Soldier (Seacon '84), Part One 
     Vector, Jun 1985 by Ken Lake Rippington Geoff
  Vietnam Veteran - Universal Soldier (Seacon '84), Part Two 
     Vector, Aug 1985 by Ken Lake Rippington Geoff

Books Reviewed

  All My Sins Remembered 
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1988 by Graham Andrews
     Vector, Jan 2004 by Alan Fraser
     Paperback Parlour, Oct 1978 by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Forever Free 
     Vector, Mar 2001 by Mark Greener
  Forever Peace 
     Vector, Mar 2000 by Chris Hill
  The Forever War 
     Vector, May 1999 by L. J. Hurst
     Vector, Jul 1976 by Ian Watson
     Vector, Jul 1976 by Chris Evans
  The Hemingway Hoax 
     Vector, Feb 1991 by Christopher Amies
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1991 by Graham Andrews
  Infinite Dreams 
     Paperback Parlour, Dec 1979 by Joseph Nicholas
  The Long Habit of Living 
     Paperback Inferno, Apr 1991 by Ken Lake
     Vector, Sep 1977 by Robert Carter
     Paperback Parlour, Oct 1977 by Phil Stephensen-Payne
  Planet of Judgement 
     Paperback Parlour, Dec 1977 by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
  Study War No More (Edited) 
     Paperback Parlour, Oct 1979 by David Langford
  There Is No Darkness  with Jack C. Haldeman, II 
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1985 by Martyn Taylor
  Tool of the Trade 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1989 by Nicholas Mahoney
     Vector, Dec 1987 by Ken Lake
     Paperback Inferno, Apr 1983 by Roelof Goudriaan
  Worlds Enough and Time 
     Vector, Apr 1994 by John D. Owen
     Vector, Feb 1993 by L. J. Hurst

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