Valerie Housden


  1990: The Five Best Books 
     Vector, Jun 1991
  Beccon - The Eastercon 17-19 April, Metropole, NEC, Birmingham 
     Matrix, Jun 1987
     Matrix, Jun 1987
  Books of the Year: 1987 
     Vector, Apr 1988
  Follycon Review 
     Matrix, Jun 1988
     Matrix, Jun 1988


     Vector, Feb 1993
     Vector, Dec 1982

Book Reviews

  The Blood of Roses  - Tanith Lee
     Vector, Oct 1990
  Brainrose  - Nancy Kress
     Vector, Oct 1991
  Cat-a-Lyst  - Alan Dean Foster
     Vector, Aug 1992
  City of Truth  - James Morrow
     Vector, Jun 1991
  Cyber Way  - Alan Dean Foster
     Vector, Aug 1992
  A Dangerous Energy  - John Whitbourn
     Vector, Dec 1992
  The Dark Door  - Kate Wilhelm
     Vector, Jun 1990
  Darker Than the Storm  - Freda Warrington
     Vector, Apr 1992
  The Diamond Throne  - David Eddings
     Vector, Oct 1989
  The Emperor of Earth Above  - Sheila Gilluly
     Vector, Feb 1994
  The Forge in the Forest  - Michael Scott Rohan
     Vector, Jun 1987
  The Hammer of the Sun  - Michael Scott Rohan
     Vector, Aug 1988
  The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West  - Mary Stanton
     Vector, Apr 1989
  Homegoing  - Frederik Pohl
     Vector, Feb 1991
  The Ice Bear  - Betty Levin
     Vector, Oct 1987
  The Last Guardian  - David Gemmell
     Vector, Apr 1990
  Lost Road and Other Writings,The (C Tolkien) (Edited)  - J. R. R. Tolkien
     Vector, Feb 1988
  The Mammoth Book of Vintage Science Fiction Short Novels of the 1950s (Edited)  - Isaac AsimovCharles G. WaughMartin H. Greenberg
     Vector, Apr 1991
  Replay  - Ken Grimwood
     Vector, Jun 1988
  Samraj  - Elaine Aron
     Vector, Aug 1989
  The Shadow of His Wings  - Bruce Fergusson
     Vector, Feb 1988
  Shadow Realm  - Marc Alexander
     Vector, Aug 1991
  Stormwarden  - Janny Wurts
     Vector, Aug 1989
  A Talent for War  - Jack McDevitt
     Vector, Feb 1990
  Writers of the Future III (Edited)  - Algis Budrys
     Vector, Jun 1988
  Yarrow  - Charles de Lint
     Vector, Jun 1992
  Zenith 2 (Edited)  - David S. Garnett
     Vector, Apr 1991

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