Gordon Johnson


  The Trap 
     Tangent, Feb 1977


  A Choice of Gutters 
     Matrix, Feb 1977
  We Buy Books with Your Money 
     Matrix, Feb 1978
  What is SF? 
     Vector, Sum 1969
  Writing Tips 
     Matrix, Feb 1977


     Matrix, May 1976

Book Reviews

  Nebula Award Stories 3 (Edited)  - Roger Zelazny
     Vector, Spr 1969
  Neutron Star  - Larry Niven
     Vector, Aut 1969
  Satan's World  - Poul Anderson
     Vector, Jul 1971
  Science Fiction Oddities (Edited)  - Groff Conklin
     Vector, Aut 1969
  Turning On  - Damon Knight
     Vector, Jul 1968
  Twilight Journey  - L. P. Davies
     Vector, Sum 1969
  The War of Two Worlds  - Poul Anderson
     Vector, Jul 1971

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