Juliet E. McKenna


  Deity of Choice or, Nor Another Bloody Fantasy Trilogy 
     Focus, May 2002
  Eoscon II  with Juliet E. Mckenna 
     Matrix, May 2000
     Matrix, May 2000
  History Around the Margins 
     Vector, Nov 2007
  How to be edited: A personal view 
     Focus, May 2000
  How to be original and still get published 
     Focus, Nov 2000
  Poacher Turned Gamekeeper? 
     Focus, May 2006
  Three Facets of Fantasy Writing: My life as tabletop gamer, live role-player and novelist 
     Focus, Nov 2001


  Reasons to be cheerful 
     Matrix, May 2006
     Matrix, May 2006

Books Reviewed

  The Assassin's Edge 
     Vector, Jan 2003 by Andrew A. Adams
  Blood in the Water 
     Vector, Aut 2010 by Penny Hill
  The Gambler's Fortune 
     Vector, Jan 2001 by Andrew A. Adams
  Irons in the Fire (Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution) 
     Vector, Win 2009 by Penny Hill
  Northern Storm 
     Vector, Jan 2005 by Andrew A. Adams
  Southern Fire 
     Vector, Mar 2004 by Andrew A. Adams
  The Swordsman's Oath 
     Vector, Jan 2000 by Andrew Adams
  The Thief's Gamble 
     Vector, Mar 1999 by Andrew Adams
  Turns & Chances 
     Vector, Sep 2005 by Estelle Roberts
  The Warrior's Bond 
     Vector, Jan 2002 by Andrew A. Adams
  Western Shore 
     Vector, Nov 2005 by Andrew A. Adams

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