Mike Moir


  1986 BSFA Awards: Breakdown of Final Ballot Voting 
     Matrix, Dec 1986
  The 1986 BSFA Awards: First Ballot Analysis 
     Matrix, Jun 1986
  Albacon Report 
     Matrix, Aug 1987
  The BSFA Profile: Mike Moir 
     Matrix, Apr 1987
  The Final Ballot for the BSFA 1985 Awards: Details of votes 
     Matrix, Aug 1985
  Kerosina & Kaeti 
     Vector, Jun 1986
  The Longest Shaw 
     Vector, Oct 1986
  Nominations for the BSFA 1985 Awards: Analysis of votes 
     Matrix, Jun 1985

Film Reviews

  Science Fiction Blues (theatre) 
     Matrix, Dec 1987

Book Reviews

  The Chalk Giants  - Keith Roberts
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1987
  Conversations with Lord Byron on Perversion, 163 Years After His Lordship's Death  - Amanda Prantera
     Vector, Oct 1987
  Death Arms  - K. W. Jeter
     Vector, Aug 1987
  The Digging Leviathan  - James P. Blaylock
     Vector, Jun 1988
  Dr. Adder  - K. W. Jeter
     Vector, Aug 1987
  Eon  - Greg Bear
     Vector, Feb 1987
  The Glass Hammer  - K. W. Jeter
     Vector, Aug 1987
  Interzone: The Second Anthology (Edited)  - John CluteDavid PringleSimon Ounsley
     Vector, Apr 1988
  The Journal of Nicholas the American  - Leigh Kennedy
     Vector, Jun 1987
  The Lordly Ones  - Keith Roberts
     Vector, Dec 1986
  Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl  - Jack Vance
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1987
  A Touch of Sturgeon  - Theodore Sturgeon
     Vector, Apr 1988
  The Wild Shore  - Kim Stanley Robinson
     Vector, Dec 1986
  The Wooden Spaceships  - Bob Shaw
     Vector, Jun 1988

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