Dan Morgan


     Vector, Dec 1966


  Edward John Carnell 1919 - 1972 
     Vector, Jun 1972
  In Defence of Morgan 
     Vector, Jul 1967
  NovaCon Guest of Honour Speech 
     Vector, Feb 1976


     Vector, Jun 1972
     Vector, Nov 1972
     Vector, Sep 1972

Book Reviews

  Davy  - Edgar Pangborn
     Vector, Mar 1967
  The Wanderer  - Fritz Leiber
     Vector, Jul 1967

Books Reviewed

  The Concrete Horizon 
     Vector, Nov 1976 by James Corley
  The New Minds 
     Vector, Feb 1968 by Beryl Mercer
  The Richest Corpse in Show business 
     Vector, Aut 1966 by Chris Priest

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