Andrew Muir


  Our Scientific Utopian Future 
     Tangent, Feb 1977


  Bowie's Low 
     Matrix, Aug 1977
  Publishers' Questionnaire Responses 
     Matrix, Feb 1977


     Matrix, Aug 1976
     Matrix, Jun 1977
     Matrix, Apr 1977
     Matrix, Feb 1977
     Matrix, Dec 1976
     Matrix, Oct 1976
     Vector, Mar 1977
     Vector, Jan 1977
     Vector, May 1977


  The Fruit Machine 
     Matrix, Dec 1977

Book Reviews

  Middle Earth: A World in Conflict  - Stephen O. Miller
     Vector, Jan 1978
  The Twelfth Planet  - Zecharia Sitchin
     Vector, Nov 1977

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