John R. Oram

Book Reviews

  Battleaxe  - Sara Douglass
     Vector, Jan 1999
  The Blackgod  - Greg Keyes
     Vector, Jan 1999
  The Cyborg from Earth  - Charles Sheffield
     Vector, Mar 1998
  Landslayer's Law  - Tom Deitz
     Vector, Nov 1997
  Legacy of the Ancients  - Ron Sarti
     Vector, Nov 1997
  A Midsummer Night's Gene  - Andrew Harman
     Vector, Sep 1997
  Putting Up Roots  - Charles Sheffield
     Vector, Jan 1998
  Ronan's Revenge  - James Bibby
     Vector, Jul 1998
  The Siege of Candlebane Hall  - Mike Jefferies
     Vector, Nov 1998
  The Sum of All Men  - David Farland
     Vector, Jul 1998
  Wish You Were Here  - Tom Holt
     Vector, Jul 1998
  Wizard's Brew  - Chris Fox
     Vector, Jul 1998

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