Rosemary Pardoe

Book Reviews

  Alfred Hitchcock's Your Share of Fear (Edited)  - Cathleen Jordan
     Vector, Apr 1986
  Christmas Ghosts (Edited)  - Kathryn CramerDavid G. Hartwell
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1989
  Gaslit Nightmares: An Anthology of Victorian Tales of Terror (Edited)  - Hugh Lamb
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1988
  The Ghost Stories of M. R. James (Edited)  - Michael Cox
     Vector, Feb 1987
  The Magic Mirror  - Algernon Blackwood
     Vector, Oct 1989
  Night Visions (Edited)  - George R. R. Martin
     Vector, Oct 1987
  The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories (Edited)  - Michael CoxR. A. Gilbert
     Vector, Feb 1987
  Rune  - Christopher Fowler
     Vector, Dec 1990
  A Step Off the Path  - Peter Hunt
     Vector, Jun 1986
  The Stove Haunting  - Bel Mooney
     Vector, Dec 1986
  Tales of Dungeons and Dragons (Edited)  - Peter Haining
     Vector, Apr 1987

Books Reviewed

  The Female Pope  with Darroll Pardoe 
     Vector, Oct 1988 by David V. Barrett
  Ghosts and Scholars (Edited)  with Richard Dalby 
     Vector, Dec 1987 by Andy Sawyer

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