Mark Plummer


     Matrix, May 1998
  Fandom 2000  with Claire Brialey 
     Vector, Mar 2001
  Galaxies Like Grains of Sand (Galaxy (1994) v1n1-4) 
     Vector, Aug 1994


  Checkpoint: A sense of wander 
     Matrix, May 2004
  Checkpoint: Bacon flies west 
     Matrix, Jul 2004
  Checkpoint: Conservatively fannish 
     Matrix, Jan 2004
  Checkpoint: Everyday Life in the Fan Household 
     Matrix, Mar 2005
  Checkpoint: Fandom begins at forty 
     Matrix, Nov 2004
  Checkpoint: Fandom's stalwarts 
     Matrix, Jul 2003
  Checkpoint: Grey matters 
     Matrix, Jan 2005
  Checkpoint: Interaction stations 
     Matrix, Sep 2003
  Checkpoint: Of fans and dreaming spires 
     Matrix, Sep 2004
  Checkpoint: Worldcon and more 
     Matrix, Nov 2003
  Fandom: British worldcon: no fatalities 
     Matrix, Sep 2005
  Fandom: Life went on 
     Matrix, Jan 2006
  Fandom: Octocon buzzes 
     Matrix, Nov 2005
  Fandom: Remembering a "right guy" (Ken Bulmer) 
     Matrix, Mar 2006
  Fandom: The eternal fan (Pat McMurray) 
     Matrix, Jul 2005


     Focus, Dec 1995
  SF mags availability 
     Matrix, Jan 2002

Book Reviews

  American Empire: Blood and Iron  - Harry Turtledove
     Vector, May 2002
  Ancient Shores  - Jack McDevitt
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Behold the Man  - Michael Moorcock
     Vector, May 2000
  The Big Time  - Fritz Leiber
     Vector, Sep 2000
  The Breath of Suspension  - Alexander Jablokov
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Crisis Book 2: Shield of Lies  - Michael P. Kube-McDowell
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Emphyrio  - Jack Vance
     Vector, May 2000
  Flowers for Algernon  - Daniel Keyes
     Vector, May 2000
  Flux  - Stephen Baxter
     Vector, Feb 1994
  From the Teeth of Angels  - Jonathan Carroll
     Vector, Nov 1994
  Gerry Anderson: The Authorised Biography  - Simon ArcherStan Nicholls
     Vector, Mar 1997
  Gnawing Medusa's Flesh: The Science Fiction Poetry of Robert Calvert  - Steve SneydDavid Jones
     Vector, Jul 2000
  The Great War: Breakthroughs  - Harry Turtledove
     Vector, May 2001
  Gun, With Occasional Music  - Jonathan Lethem
     Vector, Jul 1995
  Hawkwood's Voyage  - Paul Kearney
     Vector, Aug 1996
  The Heretic Kings  - Paul Kearney
     Vector, Jul 1997
  Isaac Asimov's Utopia  - Roger MacBride Allen
     Vector, Nov 1996
  Kaspian Lost  - Richard Grant
     Vector, Nov 1999
  The Miocene Arrow  - Sean McMullen
     Vector, Sep 2000
  Mucho Mojo  - Joe R. Lansdale
     Vector, Dec 1995
  neoAddix  - Jon Courtenay Grimwood
     Vector, May 1997
  The Night of the Triffids  - Simon Clark
     Vector, Sep 2001
  The Opoponax Invasion  - John Brosnan
     Vector, Aug 1994
  The Order War  - L. E. Modesitt, Jr
     Vector, Nov 1996
  A Scanner, Darkly  - Philip K. Dick
     Vector, May 2000
  Spinners  - Anthony McCarten
     Vector, Sep 1999
  Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire  - Steve Perry
     Vector, Nov 1997
  Star Wars: The Black Fleet  - Michael P. Kube-McDowell
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Star Wars: Tyrants Test  - Michael P. Kube-McDowell
     Vector, Nov 1997
  Star Wars: X-Wing Book 1: Rogue Squadron  - Michael Stackpole
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Star Wars: X-Wing Book 2: Wedge's Gamble  - Michael Stackpole
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Star Wars: X-Wing Book 3: The Krytos Trap  - Michael Stackpole
     Vector, Jan 1997
  Star Wars: X-Wing: Isard's Revenge  - Michael A. Stackpole
     Vector, Nov 1999
  The Time Machines: The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines from the beginning to 1950  - Mike Ashley
     Vector, May 2001
  The Time Ships  - Stephen Baxter
     Vector, Feb 1996
  Time's Hammer: The collected short fiction of James Sallis  - James Sallis
     Vector, May 2001
  The Two Georges  - Harry TurtledoveRichard Dreyfuss
     Vector, Feb 1996Richard DreyfussHarry Turtledove
     Vector, Dec 1995
  Walk in Hell  - Harry Turtledove
     Vector, Nov 2000
  World War: Tilting the Balance  - Harry Turtledove
     Vector, Jul 1995
  Worldwar: Striking the Balance  - Harry Turtledove
     Vector, Jul 1997
  Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance  - Harry Turtledove
     Vector, Sep 1996
  The XXXX Files  - David LinesJohn Abbott
     Vector, Jan 1997

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