Glenda Pringle


  News  with Mark Greener  & Simon Morden  & Roderick Gladwish  & Martin McGrath  & Gary Wilkinson 
     Matrix, Jan 2003
  Pulpitations (2000AD; Nuketown) 
     Matrix, Nov 2000
  Pulpitations (Aurealis) 
     Matrix, Mar 2000
  Pulpitations (FHM; list) 
     Matrix, Sep 2001
  Pulpitations (nostalgia) 
     Matrix, May 2001
  Pulpitations (obsession) 
     Matrix, Jul 1999
  PULPitations (Old issues of F&SF) 
     Matrix, Nov 2001
  Pulpitations (Realms of Fantasy; Weird Tales; Quantum Muse) 
     Matrix, Jan 2001
  Pulpitations (Response to Andrew May) 
     Matrix, Sep 2000
  Pulpitations (Scheherazade) 
     Matrix, Jan 2000
  Pulpitations (Spectrum SF; Indigenous Fiction) 
     Matrix, May 2000
  Pulpitations (Strange Horizons; F&SF; Analog; 100 Years of Classic Science Fiction) 
     Matrix, Mar 2001
  PULPitations (Trends in Cognitive Sciences; The FIX) 
     Matrix, Jan 2002
  Pulpitations (Whither SF magazines?) 
     Matrix, Jul 2000
  Pulpitations (wish list) 
     Matrix, Jul 2001
  PULPitations: Fandom, Dog Breath 
     Matrix, May 2002
  Pulpitations: Last round in the magazine (F&SF; Analog; Asimov's; Third Alternative; 3SF; Interzone) 
     Matrix, Mar 2003
  PULPitations: nemonymous, Ragnarok 
     Matrix, Jul 2002
  Pulpitations: Right here, right now (Here & Now #1 Summer 2002) 
     Matrix, Jan 2003
  PULPitations: The Newsletter of the Eight Hand Gang; PVP; 3SF 
     Matrix, Sep 2002
  PULPitations: Wargaming Mags 
     Matrix, Mar 2002


    with Steve Jeffery  & Vikki Lee 
     Matrix, Jan 2000


     Matrix, Mar 2002

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