Donna Scott


  2010 Vector Reviewers' Poll 
     Vector, Win 2010
  The BSFA Awards 2008 
     Vector, Aut 2008
  The BSFA Awards 
     Vector, Win 2009


  BSFA Awards 2010: Shortlists 
     Vector, Win 2011

Film Reviews

  Game's Over (Resident Evil 3) 
     Matrix, Nov 2007

Book Reviews

  Fabulous Whitby (Edited)  - Sue ThomasonLiz Williams
     Vector, Win 2008
  The Kingdom Beyond the Waves  - Stephen Hunt
     Vector, Sum 2010
  Myth-Understandings (Edited)  - Ian Whates
     Vector, Win 2008
  The Necronomicon: The Best Weird Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft  - H. P. Lovecraft
     Vector, Aut 2008
  WE  - John Dickinson
     Vector, Win 2011
  The Wolfman  - Nicholas Pekearo
     Vector, Win 2008

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