Cyril Simsa


  Adam the Antigen 
     Matrix, Dec 1977
     Tangent, Feb 1977


  "Heinlein = Fascist", Debunked 
     Matrix, Apr 1977
  Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine: A non-review  with Cyril simsa 
     Matrix, Oct 1978
  Bananas: A Semi-literate SF fan's Reaction to the Literary Quarterly 
     Vector, May 1978
  Blake's Tentative War - A Marginal Seven 
     Matrix, Feb 1978
  Don't Dream It, Be It (V-CON VI) 
     Matrix, Aug 1978
  Fantasy Tales Volume 1, No. 1 Reviewed 
     Matrix, Aug 1977
  The Games Centre: A Quick Report 
     Matrix, Aug 1977
  The Inferno: A New Wave Easter Con Report 
     Matrix, Feb 1978
  Introduction to Two Short Articles About Biopunk 
     Vector, Aug 1993
  The Promise of Space The Arthur C. Clarke Lecture 
     Matrix, Jun 1977


     Vector, Mar 1977
     Matrix, Aug 1980
     Vector, May 1979
     Matrix, Apr 1980
     Vector, Apr 1988
     Matrix, Oct 1979
     Matrix, Oct 1978
     Matrix, Aug 1978
     Matrix, Apr 1978
     Matrix, Aug 1977
     Matrix, Apr 1977
     Matrix, Feb 1977
     Matrix, Oct 1976
     Matrix, Dec 1976


  Sonnet one billion and one 
     Focus, Aut 1979

Book Reviews

  The Crack  - Emma Tennant
     Vector, Jul 1978
  Hotel de Dream  - Emma Tennant
     Vector, Jul 1978
  In the Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman  - Josef Nesvadba
     Vector, Jul 1979

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