Alex Stewart


  ... And Pass the Ammunition 
     Vector, Oct 1988
  1990: The Five Best Books 
     Vector, Jun 1991
  Conrep? We Don Need No Steenkin' Conrep! 
     Matrix, Aug 1984
  Doing the Business 
     Focus, Apr 1987
  For Love or Money 
     Focus, Feb 1985
  Reviewers' Choice: The Best Books of 1991 
     Vector, Apr 1992

Film Reviews

  Earthsearch (Radio 4) 
     Matrix, Apr 1981


  Quite Seriously Weird  - Neil Gaiman
     Vector, Jun 1989


     Matrix, Oct 1984
     Matrix, Apr 1980
     Matrix, Apr 1981

Book Reviews

  Ancient Images  - Ramsey Campbell
     Vector, Jun 1989
  The Architecture of Desire  - Mary Gentle
     Vector, Dec 1991
  The best of Modern Horror (Edited)  - Edward L. FermanAnne Jordan
     Vector, Dec 1989
  Captives  - Shaun Hutson
     Vector, Apr 1992
  Cold Fire  - Dean R. Koontz
     Vector, Apr 1991
  Dark Fantasies (Edited)  - Chris Morgan
     Vector, Dec 1989
  Darkness, Tell Us  - Richard Laymon
     Vector, Apr 1992
  Down River  - Stephen Gallagher
     Vector, Jun 1989
  The Frighteners  - Stephen Laws
     Vector, Dec 1990
  Hallowes' Hall  - Neville Steed
     Vector, Dec 1990
  The Hoodoo Man  - Steve Harris
     Vector, Oct 1992
  Midnight Sun  - Ramsey Campbell
     Vector, Apr 1991
  Needing Ghosts  - Ramsey Campbell
     Vector, Apr 1991
  The Night Mayor  - Kim Newman
     Vector, Feb 1990
  The Official Prisoner Companion  - Matthew WhiteJaffer Ali
     Vector, Feb 1989
  Othersyde  - J. Michael Straczynski
     Vector, Aug 1991
  Rain  - Stephen Gallagher
     Vector, Jun 1990
  Scare Care (Edited)  - Graham Masterton
     Vector, Aug 1991
  Strangers  - Dean R. Koontz
     Vector, Aug 1991
  Valley of Lights  - Stephen Gallagher
     Vector, Apr 1987

Books Reviewed

  Arrows of Eros (Edited) 
     Vector, Apr 1990 by K. V. Bailey
  Temps (Edited)  with Neil Gaiman 
     Vector, Oct 1991 by Catie Cary
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1991 by Andy Sawyer

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