Pamela Stuart


  Telegramme from the Queen 
     Focus, Nov 1998


  Books of the Year - 2003 
     Vector, Mar 2004
  Books of the Year: 2004 
     Vector, Mar 2005
  Forum: Let the People Talk! 
     Focus, Nov 1998
  Small Press: The Curate's Egg 
     Focus, May 1999

Book Reviews

  The Dark Mirror  - Juliet Marillier
     Vector, Mar 2005
  The Destroyer Goddess  - Laura Resnick
     Vector, May 2004
  Dragon's Kin  - Anne McCaffreyTodd McCaffrey
     Vector, Mar 2004
  Dragonsblood  - Todd McCaffrey
     Vector, Jul 2005
  A Gift of Dragons  - Anne McCaffrey
     Vector, Sep 2003
  Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda  - Joel Rosenberg
     Vector, Nov 2003
  Queen of the Amazons  - Judith Tarr
     Vector, Nov 2004
  A Scholar of Magics  - Caroline Stevermer
     Vector, Sep 2004
  The White Dragon  - Laura Resnick
     Vector, May 2004

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