W. T. Webb

Book Reviews

  Far Stars  - Eric Frank Russell
     Vector, Jul 1964
  The First Men in the Moon  - H. G. Wells
     Vector, Sep 1964
  Introducing SF (Edited)  - Brian W. Aldiss
     Vector, Jan 1965
  New Writings in SF 3 (Edited)  - John Carnell
     Vector, Mar 1965
  Night of Masks  - Andre Norton
     Vector, Nov 1965
  No Future in it  - John Brunner
     Vector, Jun 1965
  Pilgrimage  - Zenna Henderson
     Vector, Mar 1966
  The Rose  - Charles L. Harness
     Vector, Apr 1966
  Scavengers in Space  - Alan E. Nourse
     Vector, Nov 1964
  Sleeping Planet  - William R. Burkett, Jr
     Vector, Oct 1965
  Time Transfer  - Arthur Sellings
     Vector, Aut 1966
  Tomorrow x 4 (Edited)  - Damon Knight
     Vector, Apr 1965
  Two Tales and 8 Tomorrows  - Harry Harrison
     Vector, Aug 1965

Books Reviewed

  Cheyney's Robot 
     Vector, Jan 1979 by Brian Stableford

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