Liz Williams


  Rage Against... Hades Wholesalers 
     Matrix, Mar 2006
     Matrix, Mar 2006


  Travel Writing 
     Vector, Mar 2002 by Tanya Brown


  Warning: Contains Language  - Karen Traviss
     Matrix, May 2005Karen Traviss
     Matrix, May 2005

Books Reviewed

  Banner of Souls 
     Vector, Mar 2005 by Penny Hill
     Vector, Mar 2007 by Penny Hill
     Vector, May 2006 by Penny Hill
  Empire of Bones 
     Vector, Jul 2002 by Penny Hill
  Fabulous Brighton (Edited)  with Elizabeth Counihan  & Deirdre Counihan 
     Vector, Sep 2000 by Cherith Baldry
  Fabulous Whitby (Edited)  with Sue Thomason 
     Vector, Win 2008 by Donna Scott
  The Ghost Sister 
     Vector, Nov 2001 by Penny Hill
  Nine Layers of Sky 
     Vector, May 2005 by Peter Young
  The Poison Master 
     Vector, Sep 2003 by Penny Hill
  Snake Agent 
     Vector, Mar 2007 by Penny Hill
     Vector, Win 2008 by Penny Hill

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