BSFA Yearbook,  1977

Editor(s): Dave Lewis  Tom Jones  Keith Freeman  Chris Fowler   
Pages: 60, A5
Price: ?p
Notes: #1

  Introduction (to SF Yearbook 1977) - David V. Lewis   
  Poetry & Art - Alison Lowe   
  Books - Phil Stephensen-Payne   
  Fandom - Rob Jackson   
  Fanzines - D. West   
  Films - Graham R. Poole   
  Television - Ian Garbutt   
  Wargames - Hartley Patterson   
  The Magazines - Roger Waddington   
  The Writer's Year - Bob Shaw   
  The Artist's Year - Paul Dillon   
  Vital Statistics - uncredited   

   - Paul Dillon   
   - Jim Barker   
   - Harry Bell   
   - Terry Jeeves   
   - Carol Gregory   

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