Can a Holiday Romance Really Last Forever? - Martin McGrath   

  Welcome to Poughkeepsie: The Further into the Zone the Nearer to Heaven - Nina Allan   
  Research Corner: Tomorrow's Soldier: The Future of War - Anthony G. Williams   
  The Depressing Truth About Who Writes Movies - Martin McGrath   
  Masterclass No. 2: Inspiration/Observation - Christopher Priest   
  How Do I Stand Out on the Slushpile? - Jetse de Vries   
  Basic Bootstrap Branding: Using the web to raise your professional profile - Paul Raven   
  Weighing the Writing: Tackling the Second Draft - Dev Agarwal   

  Diaspora - Gareth L. Powell   
  Olypus Mons - Gareth L. Powell   
  Nevada - Gareth L. Powell   
  Year Zero - Gareth L. Powell   
  Ragnarok - Gareth L. Powell   

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