Careful What You Wish For - Martin McGrath   

  How to Market Your Book Online - Brian Turner   
  What Makes a Good Story? - Simon Morden   
  Let's Face the Future with a Smile - Jetse de Vries   
  Masterclass No. 1: Point of View - Christopher Priest   
  Par for the Course: What Course is Right for You? - Terry Jackman   
  The Joy of Craig: Experiences at a an Arvon Course - Nick Wood   
  Scriptwriting: From Page to Rage (Part 2) - Gavin Williams   
  A Lesson in Purpose: Gibson's Gernsback Continuum - Dev Agarwal   

  someday they'll realise how lucky they are to have me - Steve Sneyd   
  when we are reminded to remember - Steve Sneyd   

   - Nick   

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