Sit Down, Shut Up and Write - Martin McGrath   

  What Does Happen Next? - Gareth L. Powell   
  How to Write a Press Release - Gareth L. Powell   
  Is this the real thing? - Michaela Stanton   
  Escape from the Tauran Moon! (and other impossible stories) - Dev Agarwal   
  Masterclass No. 6: Research (Part One) - Christopher Priest   
  Here Be Earthworms: Harnessing the Writer's Imagination - Nina Allan   

  Also, Greatness As Its Own Memorial - Steve Sneyd   

   - Gillian Rooke   
   - Anonymous   

  News from Orbit: Out of FantasyCon - Terry Jackman   

  Coming Ready or Not - Steve Sneyd   
  At Xanadu Redomed - Steve Sneyd   
  A Sonnet to the Future of Spam - Edward Kenna   

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