Focus, Autumn 1979

Editor(s): Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   
Pages: 24, A4
Price: 75p
Cover: Andrew Stephenson
Notes: #1

  Focal Point - Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   

  Skiing the Methane Snows of Pluto - Jonathan V. Post   
  The Teeth of the Phoenix - Simon Ounsley   

  Sonnet one billion and one - Cyril Simsa   

  Contributors - uncredited   
  Searching for the Lost Chord - Andrew Stephenson   
  My Secret Life with David & Charles - David Langford   
  Writing A Novel? Do! - Christopher Priest   
  Market Space - uncredited   
  Who Needs an Agent? - Maggie Noach   
  Sprechen Sie Starshipese? - Garry Kilworth   
  The Problems of Genesis - Ken Bulmer   
  Writing SF for children - Douglas Hill   
  Questions - uncredited   

   - Richard Litwinczuk   

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