Focus, Autumn 1980

Editor(s): Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   
Pages: 28, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #3

  Focal Point - Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   

  Contacts Linked By Ice - Robert Heath   

  Advice to a beginning science fiction writer in the 80s - John Brunner   
  The Siamese Twinge: a dialogue on collaboration - David Langford  Kevin Smith   
  The Making of "Mirror in the Sky" or It might as well rain until September - David Garnett   
  "To make the dull world beautiful" - David Wingrove   
  Short Story Contracts - Rob Holdstock  Chris Evans   
  Playing the "Panel Game" Game - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Home Thoughts - Dorothy Davies   
  The Medium and the Message - Steve Gallagher   
  Contributors - uncredited   

   - G. P. Hasenclever   
   - Jim Barker   
   - Rob Hansen   
   - Richard Litwinczuk   
   - Simon Poley   

   - Robert Allen   
   - Neil Talbot   
   - Robert Heath   
   - J. T. Miller   
   - Noel Chidwick   
   - Alastair Noyle   
   - William Bains   
   - Andrew Hudson   
   - Paul Mason   
   - John Hitchin   

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