Focus, Spring 1980

Editor(s): Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   
Pages: 32, A4
Price: 75p
Cover: Tais Teng
Notes: #2

  Focal Point - Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   

  Photographs - David Wingrove   
  The Singularity Man - Graham Andrews   

  On Fiction Editing - Richard Evans   
  Writers' Workshops: This Way to Heaven - Randal Flynn   
  Writers' Workshops: Pieria: how it all began - Diana Reed   
  Writers' Workshops: Perspectives - Bobbie Lamming   
  Writers' Workshops: learning the unteachable - Martyn Morgan   
  Going west young man? - Richard Cowper   
  Too eseffy for words - Garry Kilworth   
  Writing in the Dark - Tony Richards   
  The Langford Files - Paul Barnett   
  Contributors - uncredited   
  Questions - uncredited   
  Logistics - uncredited   
  Market Space - uncredited   

   - Tais Teng   
   - Richard Litwinczuk   
   - Rob Hansen   
   - Jim Barker   
   - Edgar Belka   

  Excuse Me While I Leave The Room - Julia Riding    by Andy Sawyer

   - Charles Platt   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Richard Cowper   
   - John Fraser   
   - Simon Ounsley   
   - Sandy Brown   
   - Greg Hills   
   - Jacqueline Y. Comben   

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