Focus, Spring 1981

Editor(s): Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   
Pages: 28, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #4

  Focal Point - Chris Evans  Rob Holdstock   

  Waiting - David Swinden   
  Somewhere for Baby to Sleep - Dorothy Davies   

  The Authentic Voice - Christopher Priest   
  Notes on an Unfinished Career - Rob Holdstock   
  Darkness and Grace - Randal Flynn   
  Confessions of a Collaborator - Lisa Tuttle   
  Beware Mutations - Rowland Tappen   
  On Being a Publisher's Reader - Philip Pollock   
  One Finger at a Time - Ian Watson   
  Hints of Failure ... - R. Nicholson-Morton   
  Reference Books - John Brunner   
  Contributors - uncredited   
  Market Space - uncredited   

   - Andrew Hudson   
   - James Corley   
   - Robert Heath   
   - Tony Richards   
   - Steve Ince   
   - David Redd   
   - Andrew Tidmarsh   
   - Garry Kilworth   
   - Spider Robinson   
   - R. C. O'Gonnam   
   - Commander Paul Kessel   

   - Simon Polley   
   - Jim Barker   
   - Richard Litwinczuk   
   - Edgar Belka   

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