Focus, Autumn 1982

Editor(s): Chris Bailey  Allan Sutherland  Dave Swinden   
Pages: ?
Price: ?p
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #6

   - Chris Bailey  Dave Swinden  Allan Sutherland   

  The Administration and Myan Lin - Hilary Robinson   

  Building A Novel - Steve Gallagher   
  Writing Places - John Sladek   
  Novel Contracts - Christopher Priest   
  From the Valley of the Dinosaurs - Christopher St Clair   
  An Inveterate Itch - R. Nicholson-Morton   
  I'm Not a Number - I'm a Freelance Artist! - Jim Barker   
  Who Needs Writing Organisations? - Dorothy Davies   
  The Art of Course Writing - David Swinden   

   - Pete Lyon   
   - Jim Barker   
   - Iain Byers   
   - Phill Probert   

   - Dorothy Davies   
   - Eve Harvey   
   - John Fraser   

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