Focus, Spring 1983

Editor(s): Chris Bailey  Dave Swinden  Allan Sutherland   
Pages: ?
Price: ?p
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #7

   - Chris Bailey  Dave Swinden  Allan Sutherland   

  The Survey - Peter Tasker   
  Stranger Than Truth - David Ratovitsky   

  PLR (Probably Lost to Reason) - Helen McNabb   
  Consolations for Disappointed Writers - Jim England   
  Fame and Helliconia - Brian W. Aldiss   
  Milford 1982 - The Truth - David Garnett   
  SF poetry - Sue Thomason   
  A Banana in Each Ear - Garry Kilworth   
  Market Space - Dorothy Davies   

   - Colin Greenland   
   - David V. Barrett   
   - Stephen Wake   
   - David Piper   
   - John Fraser   

   - Iain Byers   
   - Dick Vigers   
   - Peter Walker   
   - Phill Probert   

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