Focus, February 1985

Editor(s): Sue Thomason   
Pages: 42, A5
Price: 75p
Cover: Cath Easthope
Notes: #10

   - Sue Thomason   

  Caught Being in Love - John A. Connor   
  Flightless Birds - Stuart Falconer   
  The Baines Fragments - Andy Sawyer   

  For Love or Money - Alex Stewart   
  Real Writers Don't Publish Fanzines - Mary Gentle   
  Seducers with Staples - Bob Shaw   
  The Famous Five Go Shoplifting - Garry Kilworth   
  Expressing Myself - Charles Stross   
  Mucking About in Bytes - Christopher Priest   
  Market Space - Dorothy Davies   
  The Four Ages of Excuses for not Writing - R. I. Barycz   
  Untitled - R. I. Barycz   

   - Ros Calverley   
   - Margaret Hall   

   - John Brunner   
   - Mary Gentle   
   - David Langford   
   - Nigel Richardson   
   - Terry Broome   
   - Paul R. D. Ward   
   - Steve Lockley   
   - Andy Sawyer   
   - Ken Cocks   

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