Focus, April/July 1988

Editor(s): Liz Holliday   
Pages: 12, A4
Price: 75p
Cover: uncredited
Notes: #14

  "Professional" is a State of Mind - Liz Holliday   

  The Cost of Living - Liz Holliday   

  Comments on "The Cost of Living" - James Wallis   
  Comments on "The Cost of Living" - Mark Lees   
  Reply to Comments on "The Cost of Living" - Liz Holliday   
  And You Thought I Was Fussy ... (Rejection Slip) - David Langford   
  ... This is How to Do It (Submission) - Liz Holliday   
  Not An Orbiter, But A Star - John Duffield   
  A Fast Alternative To Orbiter - Liz Holliday   
  In Focus 14 - Liz Holliday   

  Legend In The Making: An Interview with Deborah Beale - Deborah Beale    by Stan Nicholls

   - Amanda Wixon   
   - The Decadent Worker   

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