Focus, October 1989

Editor(s): Liz Holliday   
Pages: 12, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #18

  How to Change Your Own Life ... - Liz Holliday   

  Amphis Baena - B. D. Walter   

  Word Processing and the Magnetic Manuscript - Alan Fraser   
  Comments on "Amphis Baena" - Linda Markley   
  Comments on "Amphis Baena" - Liz Holliday   
  Orbiting - an inside story - Margaret Hall   
  Gazing Miserably at Cans of Baked Beans or, what makes a story? - Liz Holliday   
  Reply to Comments on "Where the Wheel Ends" - James MacClean   
  Orbiter Update - Sue Thomason   
  Competition - Liz Holliday   
  Courses and Workshops - Liz Holliday   
  Market Space - Sue Thomason   

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