Focus, April 1990

Editor(s): Cecil Nurse   
Pages: 12, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #20

   - Cecil Nurse   

  Exercomp - Judith M. Johnstone   
  Exercomp - E. Miriam Kamp   
  Exercomp - S. O. McDonald   
  Exercomp - John Welsh   

  A Room with a Desk - David Wingrove   
  Why I Write - Sue Thomason   
  Ask A Writer - Michael Scott Rohan   
  Nuts + Bolts: Revision - Cecil Nurse   
  Notes from a Blue Pencil - Dave W. Hughes   
  The Next Exercomp - Cecil Nurse   
  The Fate of the Workshop - Cecil Nurse   
  Stuff - Cecil Nurse   

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